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Character Sheets
A reference sheet for an original character. Front and back with color palette.
Soft Shading
More detailed shading to emphasis light and basically just make the work look pleasing to the eye. Every extra character is 50 points. Backgrounds are an extra 80 points.
Cell Shading
Line art, color, and simple cell shading that you'd typically see in Japanese anime or maybe comic books. Every extra character is 20 points. Backgrounds are an extra 40 points.
Flat Color
Line art and flat color w/o any shading. Every extra character is 10 points. (Backgrounds are an extra 20 points).
Line Art
Clean line art. Every extra character is 10 points.
A simple sketch. Rough and without detail. Every extra character is an additional 10 points.


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Updated 5/24/18

My name is Asia.

As most of you know (or the ones that care enough) I've been on deviantArt for about 7 years now, but I've been writing and drawing a little longer than that I think. Through those 7 years I've done a lot of things. Finish high school, started college, and evolved as a human being (can still be a piece of shit tho). At the moment, while I do continue to draw digital art, my main focus for school/college will be 3D Character Animation.

By Summer 2018 I will be graduating with a bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation.

While I do wish to take my drawing to the next level, I won't exactly be noticed by the employers in the real world. So, I'm going to work towards the one thing that I didn't think I'd excel at - something involving 3D. Crazy, right? Well, I've learned to love the medium considering my drawing skills are not up to snuff.

So, I'm just a cringy 12 year old anime loving weeb in a 21 year old college kids body. I enjoy Japanese anime, video games, movies, and other nerdy luxuries such as Godzilla and/or folklore related things.


Buttons Made by :iconbuttonsmaker:

Hello all. I realize that I've been gone for a pretty long time. Well, not gone persay, I just haven't made a proper life update recently since I've been tied up and buried up to my neck in things to do. Lets focus on the older stuff and work our way up.

1. Acting and Directing

I needed 3 classes this quarter to be able to save my last quarter for just internship (we'll get to that later). I decided to added the film class because why the fuck not? I soon realized that even though the class was an amazing learning experience, I bit off more than I could chew. I had to film a short project for the class, find cast, crew, write my own script, get see where this is going right? Now, it was a fucking shit storm, which included struggling to find crew (cast was pretty easy) and going through two different locations until having to shoot the entire project in less than 45 minutes before the location was going to close and we had to go. I had never been so angry at a restaurant before in my life. Panera Bread gave us permission to shoot next to their building, but once we had finally put up all the equipment they came out and told us to basically piss off. Fuck you Panera Bread and your over entitled customers/fans. Suck my dick, I hope you get shut down. Ahem, anyway. We managed to get the film shot and I managed to pass by the skin of my teeth. My instructor said that she was proud of how I had managed to get everything done, and my mainly film major classmates were pleasantly surprised by my work, especially since I'm animation.

2. Post Production, and Portfolio

Acting and directing seemed to be the only class that gave me a super hard challenge. However, when it came to post production and portfolio, things were a bit more tame. Post production involved me, Dakota, and a good friend of mine named Stacey to work together and make a short teaser trailer for a faux film. You see, you work on this project for 2 quarters and in the process have a makeshift sort of deal with an investor (who was an instructor/our schools dean) and we get paid in Mike Bucks (Mike was the instructor for these two classes, a cool dude, he helped me a lot to break out of my anime and manga shell and improve my art). So we had to write up a contract and such, have milestones to reach and keep in contact with our employers as we went along. This was great since instead of worrying about a whole class of people not doing their job, we had people we were absolutely confident in. We never really fell behind all that much, but when we did we put the pedal to the metal and caught up. I had never been so overconfident about a class!

As for Portfolio, I'd say it was in the middle. Had to order business cards and create the website, make more 3D animation pieces to show off as well. The only big issues I had were getting my website to work (fucking hell that was awful) and then also making enough work for the portfolio show (we'll talk about that later). That class was pretty tame to be honest. But what I wasn't expecting was the dreaded Panel...we had to present our package to some teachers so they can tell us what to improve. Whether it be logo, website, our presentation, resume, business card, it all came out at the panel. I was expecting 3 teachers and me in a small room, but fuck man...I didn't expect 5 teachers (all heads of each major department except culinary, which meant Media Arts and Animation, Photography, Audio, Film, Graphic Art, you get what Im saying). Not only that, like 30 people were there! I didn't think John (instructor for this class) was going to invite half the school...fuck man. I somehow made it through in one piece, and I'm surprised I didn't fumble through the whole thing. I thought Mike was gonna rip me to shreds but for the most part he was quite tame (he's known for his criticism but it's always with the best intentions, I assure you!).

So, it went surprisingly well...I need to make some changes to my logo and stuff, clean up my animations and do some relatively minor things that I made sure to write down.

3. The Portfolio Show

Surprisingly enough, the portfolio show was a lot easier than the panel. So every quarter the school has a show where students nearing graduation/taking portfolio II will take their work and put it on display for the rest of the school, partners of the school, and (most importantly) potential employers! Besides standing in wedge heels for a few hours and rushing to a walgreens to put candy on my table, it went damn well. Got some people interested in my animation work and even let them know about my illustration hobbies. Got some business cards and it went fantastic and was quite fun to share what I'm passionate about with others. Hopefully I can get recognized and get a job somewhere around Nashville!

4. Graduation

It's exactly what it sounds like ladies and gentlemen. I have (somewhat) officially graduated from The Art Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation. Now, I'm not an honor student or a valedictorian, but I'm just proud of myself for finishing when all of my good friends had to leave the school down the line. The fact that I stuck it out and actually FINISHED is what's still shocking to me. After countless nights of working at school, freaking out about deadlines and many a hours spent crying in the school bathrooms I managed to walk across that stage and shake hands with the President of the School, and the teachers who helped me make it this far (shout out to Mike and Mr. Bare, you guys are awesome). I'd definitely say they have made a bigger impact on me than any of my high school/middle school teachers ever could have. Instead of telling you you're going to struggle in your next chapter of life, they're there to help you recognize your talents and want to help you succeed, and open doors to new outlets you never even knew you would enjoy. Especially with me. Remember that I went to that school to do 2D stuff, now I LOVE doing 3D work!

Now, when I say I somewhat graduated, here's what I mean. My school works in quarters instead of semesters. There's a quarter for each season, and we just finished the spring quarter (April - June). The Summer quarter starts in early July (July - September). Now, people at this school graduate in every different quarter, depending on when they first started. So at this graduation there are people who-
- Graduated the same quarter
- Were graduating in the next quarter (me and :iconwulftheanimator: )
- And people who graduated a few quarters ago and came back to walk for graduation

Walking at the graduation, and graduating from the school are sort of different. I won't officially get my diploma until after I finish the internship course. Which is proving to be a bit difficult...I'll have to start rapid fire sending emails to people so I can lock one in before July...9th? Yeah, that's when school starts back.

5. Anime Blues Con

Aaah man...Haven't said that name in a while. As some of you may know, I chose the family cruise Summer over Anime Blues and had a great vacation. Now this year, the school summer break has aligned perfectly for me to attend and meet up with old friends I haven't seen in a year. And surprise...I'm bringing :iconwulftheanimator: along for the ride! I know there are tons of friends from Ai that attend ABC regularly, so seeing him should be an awesome surprise! I'm hoping he enjoys himself, not to mention he gets to meet my old ass dog lol I'm working on a Heather Chandler cosplay (Heathers the Musical) and a cosplay of Jeremy Dooley/Rimmy Tim from the Lets Play group Achievement Hunter (a part of the company Rooster Teeth who are responsible for RWBY and Red vs Blue).

So yeah! It should prove fun. (And I hear Courtney won't be there, thank fucking GOD, am I rite)

Yeah, that's all of the stuff that's happened in the past few months...It's been hectic but now I can finally relax...

Oh, I almost forgot! I made prints to sell at an art market my school had. Of course, I didn't sell many but I'll be uploading the original files here so you guys can see. I'll do my best to sell them if I can but...IDK, either people are just painfully broke or my art really IS just shit smeared on computer screens :/

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